14 May 2006

A reader writes

A reader sends in his praises. It makes the whole exercise worthwhile. We are pleased and somewhat flustered to quote them.

"What a treat. As I read, I thought I would mentally note a few things and compliment you on them. But, to my unease, the list kept growing, and I abandoned the idea. But the riches I garnered, unhinged me a little, by their variety and volume. I doubt there are any similar blogs rivalling in spice, slivers of info, splinters of satiric genteel-ism, and on occasions, wry mockery.

Redundant cant. Speculative Fiction. Weird. I ended my morning reading there. Other pieces, later. And, hearty congrats to have emerged a winner out of 3500 entries. This more than from just the parochial (Allahabadi) pride.

The literary and cultural cornucopia this blog is freighted with, and yet skims so airily, makes eyes pop open at every turn. The delight, the delicacy. And, the sudden discovery. Prix Goncourt awards $10! How to handle such a princely sum! I wish for monetarily more weighty awards coming to you. So that you continue exploring, venturing, regaling freely and long. Of course, without charging us, the readers.


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