14 May 2006

Winning entries on CBC radio

2005 CBC Literary Awards' prize-winning entries were read on Between The Covers. The English-language categories winners were broadcast on

Mon May 22 — 1st prize short story “The Chorus” by Erin Soros
Tues May 23 — 2nd prize short story “Happiness And Other Disorders” by Ahmad Saidullah
Wed May 24 — 1st prize creative non-fiction “I, Witness” by Kim Echlin
Thurs. May 25 — 2nd prize creative non-fiction “Drafts 1-11 (Not Including 10)” by Jane Silcott
Fri May 26 — 1st prize poetry “The Mind’s Eye” by Alison Pick; 2nd prize poetry “First Mountain” by Paulette Dubé

Societe Radio-Canada and CBC Radio One are co-broadcasters of the CBC Literary Awards. The Canada Council for the Arts provided the prize money and EnRoute magazine was a publishing partner for the Awards. Between the Covers can be heard online at CBC. The program is produced by Heather Brown and Dagmar Kaffanke-Nunn.

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